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$5000 Draw Tickets

$5000 Draw Tickets

Blue Ticket (1 ball)Red Ticket (3 balls)Gold Ticket (5 balls)Platinum Ticket (10 balls)
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Product Description
$5000 Draw Tickets

It's the big one!

Our major function for the year: the famous MFC $5000 Draw

Not to be missed... your chance to win the $5000!

The draw is on Sunday, June 2nd from midday at MFC

There are 300 balls in the draw

You have 4 options to enter:

BLUE TICKET $100: 1 ball in the draw, 4 drink cards in total

RED TICKET $200: 3 balls in the draw, 4 drink cards per person (max 2 people)

GOLD TICKET $300: 5 balls in the draw, 4 drinks cards per person (max 3 people)

PLATINUM TICKET $500: 10 balls in the draw, wristband for free drinks all day for 1 person

All passes (every colour) includes food and entertainment

All 2024 Mully Grubs and Lion Pride members receive a complimentary Blue Ticket as part of their membership.