From The President: June 30th, 2022

From The President: June 30th, 2022

It’s truly the middle of winter in Melbourne! It's wet, it's cold and we're playing at Wellington Reserve that is currently a construction site as a walking path is built around our temporary home ground.

However, we are playing well again and for the first time in five years, all three teams are sitting in a good position to be playing finals. So the football is good, the company is good and life is good.

Some important information to share:

Past Players & Officials Day

This coming Saturday (July 2nd) at Wellington Reserve, we will be putting up the big marquee to host our past players. It will be a challenging day of footy with our Under 19s playing the first-placed Basin, the Reserves playing the first-placed East Burwood and the seniors (who now sit 5th) playing the third-place East Burwood, who beat us by to goals in Round 3. Hope you can all make it down for what will be a great day of footy.

Ladies Night

Since appearing on the last night of The Footy Show a few years back, the Mulgrave Player Revue has continued to grow in quality and popularity. Without access to our own pavilion, the format will be adjusted to accommodate... but the talent pool has gotten deeper! This is not a night to miss - it's on Saturday, July 30th at the South Oakleigh Bowling Club. Stay tuned for information.

Business Lunch

We were hoping to host the 2022 Business Lunch at our newly finished pavilion, but the handover date is now set to be the end of December, so we are still working with Monash Council on finding another home to host the event. I will come back to everybody when we have locked it in, but it will be happening towards the end of September or in early October. We owe our many sponsors, volunteers and supporters a big Friday afternoon for all the support over the COVID period and during our homeless year in 2022. I am working on special guests - I have Craig Kelly and Brad Scott lined up to talk to us about the direction of football at AFL level, and how the recovery of community football is going... as well as a few good old footy stories.

Pavilion Update

As many who've been down to Garnett Road will know, there's been many delays on site. This has very frustrating for all of us at MFC, Mulgrave Cricket Club and Eastern Devils Football Club.

Collectively we have continued to pressure Council, and have forced some changes with the hire of an external project manager to come in and oversee the completion of the project. The latest schedule is below, and we are now having monthly site meetings to ensure there are no further delays.

Obviously the two football clubs have missed the opportunity to christen the new pavilion this season, but we want to continue to push to ensure the cricket club has access, and that we can work together on the new fitout to ensure that Season 2023 launches in style at home.

Being homeless...

Being homeless this year has been a real challenge for the committee and our small group of very committed volunteers. However, so much credit must go to the Football Department and our players for turning a temporary, underdone facility into a real home and a fortress for us to defend.

We must also again offer enormous thanks to President Ryan Hammond and the Waverley Park Hawks Júnior Football Club - they have made Wellington Reserve available for us to share and have worked to support our needs at the ground. Community spirit is alive and well.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or we can help with anything.

Go Mully

Scott Davidson

Mulgrave Reserve Pavilion

Project Timeline as at June 23, 2022

24-Jun-2022 Receive structural steel shop drawings for extension and canopies

08-Jul-2022 Approval of structural steel shop drawings for extension

05-Aug-2022 Manufacture steel to extension

19-Aug-2022 Erection of steel to extension

26-Aug-2022 Roofing to extension

08-Jul-2022 Receive structural steel shop drawings for existing building stiffening

22-Jul-2022 Approval of structural steel shop drawings for existing building

10-Aug-2022 Manufacture steel to existing building

19-Aug-2022 Erection of steel to extension

13-Sep-2022 Partitions

21-Sep-2022 Services rough-in

26-Sep-2022 Lock-up

15-Oct-2022 Install electrical MSB

15-Oct-2022 Wall linings

26-Oct-2022 Painting

11-Nov-2022 Fit-off and commissioning

28-Nov-2022 Practical completion

9-Dec-2022 Minor Defect Repairs prior to Handover

20-Dec-2022 Handover