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President's update: December 22 2020

By Scott Davidson | Tuesday, December 22nd 2020

Just wanted to wish all the Mulgrave football and netball players and supporters a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

It has been a pretty average year all around, so I think most are looking forward to a rest and a fresh start in the new year.

Thanks to the coaching staff and the footy department, we have been able to get some good training sessions in over the last month. Some really good numbers have been showing up and there's been a lot of enthusiasm, so it looks like we have picked up the momentum we had back in March.

Well done and I am sure the January training schedule will be posted soon.

The club held its AGM on December 11th - thanks to all those that were able to make it down on a Friday night. There was a really good showing by the senior players which was a good sign of the engagement and investment.

The key points on the AGM agenda were the appointment of the new committee for 2021 and the passing of the new club constitution. Both items were done unanimously which was great.

The financials were also presented in a way that all members could see our 2019 actuals, the 2020 budget, the 2020 actuals and our 2021 budget.

The 2021 Committee is:

Scott Davidson President
Gail Hewitt Vice President / GM Netball
James McKeag Secretary
Cameron Blew Treasurer
Mark Gow GM Football
Gerry Bieniak GM Game Day
Jeff Kenny GM Membership
Mark Haywood GM Communications
Sam Kassianou GM Social

Retiring from the committee are two legends of the MFC. Both Ash Bieniak and Sean Lester have grown up around the club and have put in an enormous amount of work over the years.

They are both life members and will continue to engage and support the purpose and vision of the Club. I want to personally thank them both for helping me find my way.

Hopefully early in the new year we will have an update on the facility development design and timelines.

Enjoy the holidays.

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